PTC North America Bulletin to feature special report on “Kabootarbaazi”, a historic sport.

Watch special coverage on Kabootarbaazi in PTC North America Bulletin on Dec 7 at 9.30 am.
It was a favourite hobby of the Nawabs of the Mughal times.For a layman witnessing the game for the first it, kabootarbaazi appears to be about just a bunch of people setting their pigeons free and then calling them back by making sounds.

However, the game is much more than that. It, in fact, forms a subculture that stands on the base of dignity, pride and honour
Canada has not been far form such a game.Pigeon racing has existed in Canada for nearly a century.
Punjabis in Canada are raising these beautiful birds in their houses, taking care of them like their own pets following their hobby from their motherland.