Punjabi musician Nachhatar Gill’s wife Dalvinder Kaur dies on the day of a family wedding.

Nachhatar Gill, a well-known Punjabi musician, has lost his wife, Dalvinder Kaur, following a protracted illness. The happening has cast a shadow of doom over his family. The Gill family was presently celebrating a wedding when the news broke.

According to reports, Nachhatar and Dalvinder’s daughter married on November 14 and their son was scheduled to wed on November 17.

Dalvinder Kaur (47), Nachhatar Gill’s wife, passed away on November 15th night. . Dalvinder’s death happened during a wedding celebration for the entire family. She had been diagnosed with cancer two years ago and had not been doing well since then.

The last rites of the Punjabi singer’s wife were performed at Banga Road Crematorium Phagwara, Punjab on November 16. The marriage of the son has been postponed for November 20th now.