Quebec Barber praised for making extra efforts for boy with Autism.

Franz Jakob, barber in Western Quebec is being praised for going the extra mile to give one of his young customers a new hairdo.

About 10 days ago, Jakob gave a haircut to 7 year-old Wyatt Lafreniere, who has autism. Wyatt doesn’t like sitting still and proceeded to lie down on the floor, so Jacob followed along.

Jakob shared, “I’m just following what the clients want.It’s normal for me to go the extra mile for my client.”He added ,“He just decided to go on the floor, so I followed him.”

Jakob, who owns Authentischen Barbier in Rouyn-Noranda, roughly 630 kilometres northwest of Montreal, says he has a few clients with special needs and sometimes it can take up to 90 minutes to get the job done

Jakob said he thinks part of the reason some of his clients with special needs enjoy coming to the barber shop stems from the atmosphere inside. Jakob will often play music during a haircut and there are plenty of unique posters to look at.

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