Racism at heights: Rental ad posted online offers discount to 'local white Canadians'

Meeshika Sharma
New Update

An ad online is highlighting how racism can create a barrier in finding a place to live in Winnipeg.The online post advertises a room for rent close to the University of Manitoba for $400 that's close to shops.

It also says 'Discount for local white Canadians’. CTV News called the number on the ad and was told it was posted to find a roommate, preferring people from North America because they are nicer, more responsible, and respectful.

When asked why give a discount to North Americans, he said, “It's just my personal preference. That's all."

Lori Wilkinson, a University of Manitoba sociologist who studies anti-racism, immigration and refugees said, "I'm surprised it actually says the word white and that you get a discount for being white that is unique,”  “It’s completely racist, absolutely."


Winnipeg police said  it’s not illegal to hold a racist position, but that doesn't mean it’s not repugnant. It's just not criminal.

Some U of M students said when it comes to finding a place to live off campus, it's not unheard of to encounter racism.

Karan Patel said, "Let’s say I'm getting an apartment from an Asian, and I check out the apartment and then let’s say another tenant checks on the apartment. Preference is going to go him based on race."

"I haven't faced anything as such, but I can tell you people who go through that, it definitely exists," said Anis Alwni.

After CTV News spoke with the person listed on the ad, it was taken down.Wilkinson said based on her research and real life conversations, racism is normally more subtle or hidden.

She added, "Even some of my own students have had some serious issues. They'll rent a basement suite from someone and they'll say you can't run water between 8 and 6 in the morning. These are real happenings."Wilkinson recommends students looking for housing near the university use services linked with the institution because she said they are monitored.

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