RCMP investigating Road rage accident in Vancouver.

Vancouver RCMP is investigating a road rage incident where one frustrated driver ripped the windshield wiper off another car, shattering the rear window.

The violence was caught on dashcam video on Tuesday evening at the busy intersection of Main Street and Mountain Highway, where a silver Dodge was stopped at the light beside a black Mitsubishi.

The video shows the Mitsubishi driver arguing with a couple from the other car, then breaking off their windshield wiper and brandishing it like a weapon.The Mitsubishi driver took the couple’s wiper,broke their window with it.The woman responded by reaching into the Dodge for some projectiles and tossing them at his head.

The altercation was eventually stopped by a bystander.

Cpl. Richard De Jong said the incident, which is believed to have started with a minor issue a few blocks down the road, is a good reminder for everyone to keep their temper in check behind the wheel.The Mitsubishi driver, whose name hasn’t been released, has already been charged with assault and mischief, and the RCMP’s investigation is still ongoing.


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