Recent study at #StanfordUniversity suggests gender differences in response to severe stress.

#Teenage boys and girls respond to severe stress in different ways deep inside their brains, the researchers suggest
#Insula,a part of the brain linked to emotions and empathy, was found to be particularly small in girls who had suffered trauma whereas in traumatised boys, the insula was larger than usual.
With respect o the findings since boys and girls could display contrasting symptoms after a particularly distressing or frightening event, therefore they should be treated differently as a result.
Brains of 59 children aged nine to 17 were scanned for the study, published in #Depression_and_Anxiety.
Dr Megan Klabunde, the lead study author suggests, “It is important that people who work with traumatised youth consider the sex differences.
“Our findings suggest it is possible that boys and girls could exhibit different trauma symptoms and that they might benefit from different approaches to treatment.”