Referendum on ditching time change would cost Alberta millions, says committee.

Published on : September 13, 2017 1:56

NDP backbencher Thomas Dang lead the private member’s bill that would put Alberta on central standard time year round, like Saskatchewan that would be called Alberta Standard Time.

NDP legislature member Graham Sucha, chair of the Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future, said a referendum paired with a provincial election would cost between $2 million and $6 million. Holding a time vote on its own would cost nearly $22 million.

Daylight time has been a long-running controversy in Alberta since it was brought in by plebiscite in 1971. Critics say it’s outdated and annoying, interrupts sleep and causes confusion.

The government has received about 13,000 written submissions, with 75 per cent of people wanting to scrap the time change.Public hearings are to continue Thursday in Calgary and wrap up Friday in Lethbridge. The committee is to submit its report to the government by Oct. 4.


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