Releasing Alleged ISIS Supporter Will Put Canadians At Risk, Government Officials Argue

Written by priyadarshinee

Published on : August 10, 2019 3:26

Canadians will be “put at risk” if alleged ISIS supporter Othman Ayad Hamdan is released from immigration detention in British Columbia, officials argued in an application filed in the Federal Court.

There is “clear and compelling evidence that irreparable harm will occur” if Hamdan is released and it is “in the public interest” to continue his detention, according to the document.

The government submitted the 21-page memorandum to the court in Vancouver after the Immigration and Refugee Board last week ordered officials to free Hamdan on 25 conditions.

The release conditions imposed by IRB member Geoff Rempel — which include a $2,000 bond and an internet ban — “fall well short of mitigating the danger to the public,” the officials argued.

“The terms and conditions imposed by the member simply do not manage, or mitigate, the risk of release. The safety of the Canadian public will be put at risk if the stay is not granted.”

The submission also complained that Rempel had ordered Hamdan to live in Enderby, B.C., “despite the fact that Enderby is an 84 minute [sic] drive from the Revelstoke Dam, which the respondent had identified as an infrastructure target.”

A hearing has been scheduled for Monday, Aug. 12 to decide whether Hamdan, 37, should remain in custody while the government appeals his release order.

A citizen of Jordan, Hamdan entered Canada in 2002 and was granted refugee status in 2004 after claiming his conversion to Christianity had put him at risk. He later moved to Fort St. John, B.C.

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