Renewable energy investment is preferred over oil and gas investment, although regional differences continue, according to a poll.

Renewable energy
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According to a recent study, a majority of Canadians prefer increased investment in renewable energy such as wind, solar, and hydrogen over oil and gas, with differences obvious based on party affiliation, region, and age.

According to an online study done by the Angus Reid Institute, 54% of Canadians surveyed believe that investing in renewables should be a top priority in Canada. Only 12% believe that oil and gas investment should be prioritized, while 34% believe that both should be prioritized equally.

“You definitely find a majority of Canadians talking about wanting to trend toward alternative energy sources,” said Shachi Kurl, head of the Angus Reid Institute. “So wind, solar, and hydrogen technologies, but in many cases, that inclination does not completely exclude a knowledge of, and willingness to continue investing — at least to some level — in the discovery and production of oil, gas, and nonrenewables.”

The great majority of respondents throughout the country (84%) and wind (77%), respectively, wished to see increased investment in solar and wind, although regional disparities were substantial. Aside from providing insight into respondents’ investment worries, the survey also investigated respondents’ top priorities in terms of the country’s energy strategy.

In Canada, 31% of respondents said energy independence should be a major priority, followed by 27% who said environmental protection and 21% who stated renewable energy. Economic development was rated as a major worry by just 11% of those questioned, tied with supply stability.

The findings revealed significant regional and political disparities.