Renewed push to scrap daylight saving time in BC

Mayors from the Union of B.C. Municipalities passed a resolution on Friday calling on the provincial government to hold public consultations “with a view to abolishing” the biannual time change.

The resolution reads, “Research has shown the practice of changing to (daylight saving time) each spring can have a negative impact on people’s health and cognitive awareness.”

Premier John Horgan said he would  prefer to keep the time change, but he’s willing to listen to feedback from the public.

The province conducted a review of daylight saving time in 2006, and said the vast majority of those consulted were in favour of maintaining the status quo.

A key argument of daylight saving time opponents is that the switch impacts people’s sleep, and can contribute to a spike in accidents. One study found car crashes jump as much as 20%,  the Monday after clocks spring forward.