Research conducted at McMaster University,ON will eliminate the need of annual flu shot.

Dr. Matthew Miller, an assistant professor of biochemistry at McMaster, and his team are developing a flu vaccine that will be administered only once, putting an end to the need for the annual shot.
Dr. Miller said that the basis of its success is that it targets an unchanging part of the flu virus.
He shared that the universal vaccine would “teach the immune system” to target that area of the virus that remains constant, essentially eliminating the need for a new vaccine every year.
Sharing its benefits, he added that it would protect the global population from flu pandemics.
Governments in publicly funded health systems would also save millions on annual vaccines.
It would also eliminate the need to develop and distribute a new vaccine each year.
The pre-clinical trials of the vaccine to date have been “extremely” successful, says Miller expecting it will be ready for market in five to 10 years.
The universal vaccine can be administered the same way as current vaccines: through a shot in the arm or a nasal spray.