Rock climber falls to death in Vancouver

A rock climber on North Vancouver’s Crown Mountain fell to his death today while his partner tried in vain to save him.

The two men were climbing the Widowmaker route, when, according to the survivor, the lead climber fell and ripped his fall-protection out of the cliff face with the weight of his body.The survivor was rescued after suffering 3rd-degree burns when he tried to grab the rope they were joined with to stop the fall.

North Shore Rescue’s Mike Danks says  the man fell about 75 metres to his death.Danks says his group got the call at around 2:30 p.m. PT when a person told North Vancouver RCMP they had heard screaming and the sound of rocks falling in the Hanes Valley.

A helicopter spotted the surviving climber stranded on a ledge 60 metres up and the dead hiker at the bottom of the cliff face.