Safety measures to reduce SIDS risk identified by Canadian Researchers.

A research conducted at University of Calgary has identified a few controllable factors that could potentially reduce the rate of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
The study suggests that prenatal smoking and overheating can contribute to the mysterious phenomenon, which causes the deaths of approximately 200 infants in Canada each year. The root cause of SIDS remains unclear, but the findings from the University of Calgary could save dozens of babies’ lives every year.
Dr. Shabih Hasan, the lead author of the study said,”SIDS is a diagnosis of exclusion.We can’t say what causes it but we know what factors are associated with it.”
The rate of SIDS has fallen significantly since the 1980s and can drop further if parents keep a few simple measures in mind.
Hasan suggests
Parents and caregivers should refrain from loading up a child’s crib with too many blankets and heavy pieces of clothing, so the child’s heartrate does not become elevated from the heat.
Babies should always be put to bed on their backs.
Doctors have also suggested
Don’t smoke while pregnant
Don’t bundle up a child in too many blankets or clothing
Only put a child to bed on his or her back
Don’t overload a child’s crib with soft bedding or toys