Schools likely to shut down post spring bread amidst the rise in cases.

Cool clossed in Ottawa
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As per Ottawa’s medical officer of health, “With the rise in Covid 19 cases day by day, it is more likely that schools will be shut after the end of next week’s spring break
On Friday, this piece of news was shared by Dr. Vera Etches with a heavy heart in a media briefing. To the press, he said, “I know how important schools are for the health of the community. Shutting down schools will underline the seriousness of the situation and will make sure that everyone stays home as much as possible.”
After Ontario, now Ottawa is also under the order to stay at home until early May, due to the rise in cases in the third wave of Pandemic. The final order on shutting of elementary and secondary schools will be decided by next Wednesday while details on the working of child care centers still have to be worked out.
Talking about the rise in cases, Etches said, “There have been new school cases coming this week, but the overall number of cases remains fairly stable, which is still a minority of schools affected by people tested positive”.