Seen it Before? Rare photos of an elusive animal captured by New Brunswick man.

Alan Adams, a New Brunswick man says he’s thankful to capture rare photos of an elusive animal. He was surprised to see a silver fox while working in his yard in Point La Nim  in northern New Brunswick.

He recalls, “All of a sudden there he is standing there, this absolutely gorgeous animal and we just all stopped and gathered around and watched it. It was remarkable and an absolutely beautiful animal to see.”

He adds that he got overwhelming response when he posted pics on his facebook page, “They’ve all gotten back to me and said, ‘Wow, what a magnificent coat, look at the shine on the coat.””

Adams says he’s seen red foxes near his northern New Brunswick cottage. But sightings of the silver fox are rare.The fox belongs to Allison Savoie, who lives nearby. She said she hopes it returns soon.