Shift from health risk and age-based vaccination model is needed -Canadian Researchers.

Age Based Vaccination
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The debate in relation to vaccination strategy continues to grow bigger with the growing cases of Covid-19. The researchers have been calling for another approach in relation to get the population getting the vaccine. The current strategy focuses on the age-based vaccination where the researchers have been recommending the shift in it.

The abrupt change in the vaccinating strategy of Ontario stuns everyone.

In Toronto, the data of the researchers say that 61,000 Canadians are determined to be at risk of Covid 19, which is purely based on their current health conditions.

In the study of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, 75 percent of people had at least one condition which increases the risk of getting seriously infected by Covid-19.

Finlay McAlister, Professor at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry gave a statement to the press that, “When 75 percent of people are eligible, that’s not really prioritization”.

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The shift n the current model of vaccination is required in order to prioritize the ones at the high risk of getting infected by Covid-19 than following the age-based vaccination model.

He further added, “The third wave is showing us that the most vulnerable are people in economically marginalized working areas, Amazon factories, and Superstores, where there are a lot of people and in unavoidable close proximity, a group which wasn’t prioritized for vaccination before. We want that maximum people should develop immunity as quickly as possible so that there remains a less chance for new variants to develop and get transmitted.”