Sidewalk Labs will partner with Waterfront Toronto create new tech-focused neighborhood.

Waterfront Toronto has announced that Sidewalk Labs, Google’s city-building sister company, will be its partner in creating a new tech-focused neighbourhood on the eastern Toronto waterfront.

Today,  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Kathleen Wynne, Mayor John Tory, and representatives from Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs announced plans for the new live-work area, called ”Sidewalk Toronto.”

Kathleen Wynne said, “Together, our goal is build a complete urban community where there are good opportunities for everyone to work hard … a place where innovation of every variety can flourish.”

A statement released by the company  describes Sidewalk Toronto as a place for “tens of thousands of people to live, work, learn and play” where advanced technology like self-driving public transit and ultra-efficient energy systems are a part of everyday life.