Sikh Community celebrates Khalsa Day at Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square

Ragini Joshi
New Update

Hundreds of Sikhs gathered at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, to celebrate Khalsa Day, an auspicious occasion for the Sikh community.

Nathan Phillips Square witnessed a huge gathering with colourful outfits as the Sikh community gathered to celebrate the Khalsa Day. OSGC has been organising the annual celebration since 1978.

Despite Covid-19 restrictions regarding the gathering, thousands of people turned out for the occasion. Khalsa Day marks the foundation of the Sikh Order in 1699.

Meanwhile, Mayor John Tory said that Toronto is home to the Sikh community and people here on Khalsa Day recognise the contributions they make to this city.


Several information booths for blood donation, autism, drug awareness, and one for what is a Sikh were organised at Nathan Phillips Square.

Sikh Motorcycle Club of Ontario was also present during the occasion with their turbans and biker jackets.

The Khalsa Day celebration grew from 2,000 people in 1978 to one of the city’s largest events.