Sikh Group set World record tying over 9,000 Turbans In US

The Sikhs of New York organised Turban Day as part of the annual mid-April celebration of Vaisakhi, which is commemorated by millions of Sikhs annually.

The Sikh organisation has created a world record by tying thousands of turbans within a few hours as members of the community commemorated the annual Turban Day at the iconic Times Square in New York, spreading awareness about the faith amid incidents of hate crimes against the community.

The organisation won a certificate from the Guinness World Record for the “most turbans tied in 8 hours was achieved by Sikhs of NY (USA) in Times Square in New York, USA on April 7, 2018.”

Chanpreet Singh, the founder of the non-profit organisation said that they tied over 9,000 turbans and are “thrilled” to set the world record for tying thousands of turbans in a few hours.

The event has been aimed at spreading awareness among Americans and other nationalities about the Sikh religion and its articles of faith, especially the turban, which has often been misconceived and misidentified as being associated with terrorism particularly in the years since the 9/11 terror attacks.

The Turban Day has been commemorated in New York since 2013 to educate people about Sikhism, which preaches equality of mankind and all human beings.

Representatives from Guinness World Record judged the event in Times Square and presented the organisation with a successful world record breaking attempt by tying the most turbans in one place in the world.