Sikh nation organizes Blood donation campaigns in Brampton, Canada

As the month of November begins, the Sikh nation is conducting blood donation campaigns in various cities of Canada which is one of the largest blood donation campaigns.

Recently the campaign was organised in Khalsa School, Brampton in which a large number of people participated to donate blood. More than one and a half lakh lives have been saved by Sikh Nation Blood Donation, known as the country’s most blood donation campaign so far.

Manjinder Singh, one of the blood donors shared “Given that blood is one of the purest contributions, I feel happy to donate it. I encourage others to give as well and appreciate the efforts of all the volunteers who support this campaign”.

Sikh nation has been doing this campaign for 5 year now. As the slogan of the campaign denotes “Blood donation against blood shed”, Sikh nation organises these blood donation campaign every year in November across the city of Canada in the remembrance of the martyrs of 1984 genocides

The annual Sikh Nation blood donation campaign unites Canadian Sikhs each November.

As the largest contributor to Canadian Blood Services’ pledge-based Partners for Life (PFL) program, Sikh Nation has helped save more than 150,000 lives to date through its annual donations and support.