Sikh youth immolates self at Delhi railway station.

Meeshika Sharma
New Update

A Sikh youth in his twenties has immolated himself at Sakur Basti railway station Delhi on Saturday, Dec2.

Most sadly and surprisingly, none of the passengers nor any GRP official came forward to his rescue and instead immediately got busy capturing the incident on their mobile phones.

The deceased, an unidentified Sikh youth, wearing a turban, squirmed for about 10 minutes after the act of immolation before eventually breathing his last on the spot.

The incident took place at around 6pm on Saturday, after the youth had reportedly roamed around the railway track of Sakur Basti for more than an hour or so. "He looked depressed while he was roaming on and off the track."


His act drew all attention only after he ended up taking out a bottle of kerosene from his bag and poured on his own body. After only a few seconds, he lit up a match stick and set himself on fire," informed an officer of Government Railway Police, Sarai Rohilla station.

The passengers present on the platform called the GRP.

However, the fire by then had engulfed his body. The body remained at the station for at least three hours - thanks to a blame game played by the GRP and the Delhi Police over the jurisdiction of the area.

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