Sikhs can now travel wearing small kirpans on international and domestic flights.

With respect to new list of prohibited items, issued by Transport Canada, effective from Nov. 27, 2017, a small (6 cm blade) kirpan will not be prohibited on board.

The exemption is not applicable to flights directed to United States.

Transport Canada is amending its Prohibited Items List for passengers on all domestic and international flights.

Effective November 27, 2017, Transport Canada will prohibit certain powders and granular material with a volume of 350 ml (the size of a soda can) or more at all screening checkpoints in Canada.

Prohibited material includes items such as bath salts, sea salt, baby powder, foot powder, cooking powder and sand. Items such as baby formula, protein powder, tea and coffee will still be permitted in any quantity.

Consistent with international practice, Transport Canada will also amend the list so that very small knife blades (6 cm or less—about the size of a large paper clip) will not be prohibited on domestic or international flights.