“Speaking Fruit”, an art installation shows fruit of labour of migrants

Rension assistant professor Craig Fortier and Toronto artist Farrah Miranda stand inside the Speaking Fruit trailer to raise awareness about migrant farm workers in Canada with a hope that it brings a powerful message about who helps to get produce out of Ontario’s fields and orchards and onto your plate.

The speaking fruit It looks like a fruit stand you might see on the side of the road or at a farmers’ market.But much of the fruit inside the trailer is fake, packed in bags with messages such as, “If we are good enough to work here, we should be good enough to stay” and “respecting the rights of others is peace.”

The trailer is part of an art installation called Speaking Fruit, which allows observers to talk with migrant farm workers as well as people who advocate on their behalf.

Gabriel Allahdua has worked as a migrant farm worker in Ontario and is now an outreach worker based in New Hamburg.He believes this project bridges the gap between people consuming the produce and those who harvest it, while also bringing attention to injustices migrant workers face.

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