Starbucks to close the gender wage gap at its Canadian stores

Starbucks Corp. is vowing to close the gender wage gap at its Canadian stores.

The coffee giant’s vice president of partner resources in Canada says it will conduct a thorough national review to ensure it offers equal pay for equal work in every province.

The company’s promise comes after it says it reached 100 per cent pay equity in the U.S. and wants to close the gap in every market it operates in.

Starbucks hasn’t given a timeline for ending the disparities, but a statement it released says it will work with “deliberate speed.”

Its chief partner officer Lucy Helm says it could take until 2119 to close the gender pay gap across the entire U.S. economy, and even longer around the world.

Canada has long struggled to tackle the wage gap, with the most recent numbers showing women on average earn 87 cents for every dollar made by a man.