Stay Warm:Grade 1 students on their journey to help homeless shelter.

Grade 1 students at Corvette Junior Public School made a special delivery to a Scarborough homeless shelter Tuesday to keep women in need warm during the holidays. 

Sanjay Ojjo’s class dropped off more than 100 hand-knit scarves and neck warmers at Homes First Society.

With pride and admiration  in his voice, the class teacher shared, “It was incredible because it was coming from five-year-olds and six-year-olds.”

“For them to have that mentality, that idea in their head where they just want to help, I knew at that moment that I just wanted to do everything I could to facilitate that.”

Ojjo shared that his students came up with the idea to make the outerwear essentials from a discussion about people who can’t afford the proper gear to stay warm during the winter.

Students, along with a collection of parents, spent several months knitting the items — a process that Joshua McDermott’s mother, Sam Rawit, said made her proud.

Rawit spent time in a women’s shelter when her son was 11 months old. She said, “I’m so blessed and so proud of him.To see these beautiful kids carrying gifts in, giving them something like a scarf, it makes a difference and I’m sure they’re happy.”

Children indeed are angels,God’s messengers!