Strangers knit together to save baby’s life after cardiac arrest.

No act of Kindness is ever wasted.

A team of complete strangers who just happened to be in the right place at the right time are being credited with helping save the life of a baby boy who suffered cardiac arrest in Ottawa.

Parents of the eight-week-old infant were driving with the child when he suddenly stopped breathing. Desperate for help, they pulled to the side of the road, called 911 and started shouting for assistance.

As a 911 dispatcher guided the parents through CPR over the phone, Geraldina Cavalgo, a support worker with First Aid training, was driving past. She hit the brakes and ran to help seeing the baby’s head down. Cavalgo took over and started performing CPR herself.

David MacKaviy, a bylaw officer who just so happens to teach CPR on the side, noticed the frantic scene and stopped to help out, too. He moved the infant into an air-conditioned vehicle and continued to monitor his vital signs. Several other passersby called 911. One sprinted two blocks away to a fire station and alerted fire crews to the emergency.

Firefighters then gave the baby oxygen until paramedics arrived and rushed the child to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.


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