Superfetation: Surrogate mom gives birth to own child along other couple’s little one.

U.S. mother, Jessica Allen, 31, gave birth to twin boys in December 2016, when she acted as a gestational surrogate for a Chinese couple.

She was shocked to learn that one of the twin boys she delivered as a surrogate mother was actually biologically her own.

She said she did not get a chance to see the babies in person after their birth, but a little over a month later, the mother sent her a photo.

That’s when she noticed that the boys did not look like identical at all.

DNA tests confirmed that while one of the children belonged to the couple, the other was biologically Allen’s.

Allen said, “We were floored.We were like, how did this happen?”

Doctors explained that Allen must have become pregnant with the couple’s child but then ovulated again and conceived another baby with her husband, Wardell Jasper.

“Superfetation,”, case of double pregnancies  is extremely rare, since most women stop producing eggs during pregnancy. Superfetation does not usually increase the risks of the pregnancy, but it does result in two babies with different gestational ages.

After months of wrangling with the surrogacy agency, Allen and her husband, now have custody of their 10-month-old son, who they’ve named Malachi.

They had to hire an attorney to bring their son back. The couple already has two sons.

Allen has also decided that after this ordeal, she will not be a surrogate again.