Suspect in the Saskatchewan mass stabbing died after suffering ‘medical distress’ following his arrest.

The prime suspect in the mass stabbing incident in Saskatchewan, Canada is dead following the arrest. Myles Sanderson, 32, was discovered by RCMP on Wednesday afternoon.

Police said Myles Sanderson after a speedy chase, was arrested on a highway in the province of Saskatchewan with a SUV which he stole from outside a property. Sanderson experienced “medical distress” shortly after his arrest and was brought to a Saskatoon hospital, where he was later declared dead.

In this massive manhunt 10 people were killed and 18 were wounded after two men went on a knife attack in at least 13 locations across two communities. Ten of the victims are still hospitalized, with three of them in critical condition.

“This evening our province is breathing a collective sigh of relief,” Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore told a news conference on Wednesday night.

Police had received a report earlier in the day of Sanderson stealing a vehicle from outside a property. Sanderson escaped at a speed of 150 km/h while police took chase (93mph). They pulled his SUV into a ditch, and when they were arresting him, the police discovered a knife inside the vehicle. At about 15:30 local time, he was taken into custody (21:30 GMT) , said the police chief.

Sanderson was captured shortly after a warning went out to Canadian mobile phone users telling them to “take immediate shelter/shelter in place” because a man carrying a knife had been spotted in the vicinity driving a stolen white Chevrolet Avalanche.

Sanderson had been facing charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder and breaking and entering.

Damien Sanderson, his brother, was also charged with involvement in the Sunday attacks in the remote area. Police discovered his body on Monday and are now investigating whether his brother murdered him during the manhunt.

Earlier on Wednesday, the parents of the brothers had appealed for their surviving son to turn himself in.

“I want to apologise for my sons,” their mother said in an interview “We don’t know the whole story, but I want to apologise to everybody that was hurt and affected by this terrible situation.”

Police have not yet revealed any suspected motive for the knife rampage, which encompassed 13 separate crime scenes. Most of those killed – and the Sanderson brothers – were from the James Smith Cree Nation, an indigenous community.