Syria engulfed in turmoil as safe-zones take effect

Washington : Soon after the Russian-led lead to establish safe zones took effect, the Syrian Government forces and rebels clashed in Hama, reported a monitor and a rebel official.

The conflict occurred in the rebel-held village of al-Zalakiyat as fighter jets fired in the Hama countryside, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Mohammed Rasheed, a spokesman for the Jaish al-Nasr rebel group based in Hama, confirmed that fighting had broken out after midnight.

The Britain-based war monitoring group said government forces shelled the nearby towns of Kafr Zita and Latamneh.

The de-escalation zones are the latest international attempt to reduce violence in the war-ravaged country, and represent the first effort to envisage armed foreign monitors on the ground in Syria, reports The Guardian. The Russian representatives said that the details of the safe areas established would take another month to iron out.

Even as Russia, Turkey and Iran work out the details over the next few weeks, the zones appear to have indeed stopped the civil conflict between the Syrian Government and rebels.

The Syrian Government remains in consensus with the de-escalation plans but refused to halt fighting ‘terrorist groups.’

Rebels, however, rejected the deal stating that Iran would not be recognised as a guarantor of any ceasefire.

The Syrian government is backed by Russia and Iran and has gained the military upper hand in the six-year conflict. The rebel groups include some supported by Turkey, the United States and Gulf monarchies.