Take Care: Five potentially dangerous toys for children

Following are 5 potentially dangerous toys for children to be taken care of:

Fidgets: Doctors say that the quality control for fidget spinners were lacking, creating choking hazards for children. Doctors warn that when removed from the toy, the metal rings present a choking hazard. In this image, a nine-year-old boy was spinning a fidget spinner over his head when a metal ring from the device fell into his mouth.

‘Self-balancing’ motorized scooter:Many riders have ended up in emergency rooms after falling off the ‘self-balancing’ motorized scooter.

Trampoline: Doctors warn that backyard and other recreational trampolines pose a significant risk of injury, especially to younger children. Trampolines have a high risk of causing sprains and fractures, as well as more serious head and neck injuries.

Magnets: When magnets are ingested by children, they can cause serious health problems inside the body.

Bucky Balls: Health Canada had issued a recall for a number of adult novelty products containing small, powerful magnets that can be swallowed or inhaled by children.

Soft-projectile gun: were also the subject of a number medical cases.