Take two minutes to let go of regrets and express gratitude.

Neil Pasricha ,the New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Awesome and The Happiness Equation suggests to follow this three-step exercise every morning to prime your brain for positivity.

His new journal Two-Minute Mornings contains his exact two-minute practice for starting each day.

And that’s really it! A simple two-minute exercise:

I will let go of . . .This is what we’ve been talking about. A confession. An anxiety.

I am grateful for . . .The things in your life you feel blessed for.

I will focus on...The last thing to write each morning is a little list of precisely three things you will do each day.

He advocates that we have around 1,000 waking minutes a day so it makes sense to take two of them to make the other 998 better.

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