‘Targeted Attack’ In Brampton on media personality outside his residence

The attack on the Punjabi media host in his own driveway in a Toronto suburb by three armed individuals is being investigated by local police.

After being identified as Joti Mann, a radio personality and real estate agent from Brampton in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the disturbingly violent footage of the assault soon went viral in Canada and other parts of the country.

A surveillance camera outside Mann’s front door captured the assault, which took place on August 4 at around 8:15 am. According to the footage, Mann can be seen leaving his house and walking toward his jeep when a stranger suddenly approaches holding a small axe. The attacker then smashes a window in Mann’s car before being joined by two other people, both of whom appear to be carrying machetes. He is assaulted and dragged outside.

As a woman comes out of the house and runs in their direction, the assault is stopped. The woman was identified as Mann’s mother by the neighbourhood media,

In addition to running Fateh Media and hosting radio programmes, Mann is a real estate agent. He is still being treated in the hospital, according to the police, in a stable condition and is undergoing treatment. According to early investigations, authorities believe Mann was the victim of a “targeted attack” rather than a carjacking attempt.

The three suspects, who are all dressed in disguise and wearing dark clothing in the video and for whom no reason has been given, are being sought out and identified by police. According to reports, this is the third violent incident involving a media figure speaking Punjabi in Brampton in the previous 12 months.

“Repeated attacks on Sikhs in Canada are a subject of significant concern,” said BJP leader Manjinder Sirsa in a post that included a video of the attack on the Punjabi gentleman. Sirsa continued by saying that the Canadian city of Brampton’s administration should find those involved for the “heinous attack on Joti Singh Mann and hold them totally accountable to stem this trend of hate attacks”.