The age-based plan for Covid-19 vaccine continues despite the demand to target essential workers.

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Saskatchewan’s health minister Paul Merriman mentioned on Wednesday that 30 years and above old adults can get themselves vaccinated till May 10 under the current age based vaccine strategy, if it continues.
In the province many doctors are raising their voice to make changes in the plan to get the essential workers targeted first.

Dr. Barb Konstantynowicz talking about the current strategy said, “Covid 19 is mutating into variants of concern (VOC) that threaten to overwhelm Saskatchewan’s health system. The virus is adapting. We ask the government to show flexibility and adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances of the pandemic”.

Dr.Konstantynowicz is the president of Medical Association president who further added, “They need to be vaccinated immediately. Failure to do so jeopardize the safety of physicians and health-care workers, as well as police officers, teachers, grocery workers, and others who are on the front line and are most at risk.”

In the province the vaccine has gone unavailable for the 55years old citizens and above that. According to the authorities it is imperative for the adults in Saskatchewan to get vaccinated by June.
Adding to this Health Minister Merriman also did mention that focusing on the essential workers is not the best idea at the spot which is why the current age based strategy should be followed.

The hospitals in the province are providing care to 201 Covid-19 patients currently while 159 patients are receiving inpatient care with 42 patients being in the ICU out of which 27 are in Regina.
The records are breaking with the number of Covid-19 patients coming up in Saskatchewan province. The health minister said that current situation is worrying and the only best way to go forward is Vaccines.