“The cost of living has doubled in the Trudeau government’s actions” Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre at a press conference in Etobicoke

Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre talks to local media in Etobicoke and takes plain targets on his party’s key objectives as well as the Trudeau government’s actions.

A cost-of-living issue driven by inflation is the outcome of the Liberal government’s unchecked spending and irresponsible politics. For Canadians, living their normal lives is becoming more expensive due to rapidly growing prices.

Pierre Poilievre discussed the Conservative Party proposing “common cents” solutions like axing the carbon tax, stopping payroll tax hikes, and capping spending with a Pay-As-You-Go Law requiring the government to find a dollar of savings for each new dollar of spending.

The 43-year-old Mr. Poilievre included promises to cut taxes, combat inflation, lower growing food and gas prices, and expand personal freedoms.

Since Mr. Trudeau’s Liberals came to power in 2015, the Conservative party, currently the official opposition in Canada’s parliament, has struggled to defeat them.

Under Justin Trudeau, the cost of living has doubled, and purchasing a home has become even more out of reach, said Pierre Poilievre in the conference.

Talking about immigration system Poilievre said, “We have over 2 million people in a backlog waiting for their application to be processed. We have million job vacancies many of which could be filled with newcomers but the skilled immigrants we need are stuck on the waiting list”.

“We have a massive shortage of doctors and nurses and yet we have thousands of internationally trained medical graduates that could be filling that position but they cannot get a license to practice. I know licensing is provincial, however the federal government could and should partner with the provinces to fix the problem.”

He further added “My proposal is simple, let’s get a nationwide deal by all provinces to give immigrants answers within 60 days on their applicants to work in their field. That application should be judged based on their tasted abilities and not on where they come from.”

The main aim of this press conference was to make Canadians aware about the objectives of conservative party so that they can choose and make a wise decision in the upcoming elections.