The fourth Canadian fatality of the Florida condo collapses has been identified.

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Canadian fatality

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Nearly four weeks after the collapse of a 12-story condo tower in Surfside, Fla., which killed more than 90 people, a fourth Canadian casualty has been discovered. Anastasia Gromova, 24, was named as one of the victims by Miami-Dade police on Wednesday. Gromova was traveling with her friend Michelle Pazos, another Canadian who was also confirmed as a fatality of the Champlain Towers South collapse on June 24.

Both of the ladies were from Montreal. Gromova's bereaved family had traveled from Canada following the collapse and had been waiting in Miami for weeks in misery. "Everything simply makes it more real and difficult, but on a different level. At the very least, we can go on "Anna Gromova, her sister, told The Associated Press that her sister was a brilliant star who plummeted swiftly. "We shall remember her for the rest of our lives."

Her parents described her as brilliant, always on the go, always smiling, and unafraid to face challenging obstacles. "It's difficult because you knew the loss might have been avoided," her sister added.

Meanwhile, individuals and families who incurred losses as a result of the collapse will initially get a minimum of $150 million US in compensation, according to a court on Wednesday. At a hearing, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Michael Hanzman stated that the figure comprises about $50 million in insurance on the Champlain Towers South building and at least $100 million in profits from the sale of the Surfside land where the tower formerly stood.

"The court's focus here has always been the victims," the judge explained. He stated that the group comprises both tourists and tenants, in addition to condo owners. "Their rights will be safeguarded."

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