The streets of a Saskatchewan village are lined with tributes to a fallen RCMP officer.

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On Tuesday, around 200 people lined the streets of Wolseley, Saskatchewan, to honor an RCMP officer murdered on the job. The solemn occasion was attended by both locals and visitors from out of town. Const. Shelby Patton was killed at the scene after being hit by a stolen truck while on duty that morning, according to the RCMP. Manslaughter and possession of the stolen property are among the charges leveled against two people.

People had been invited to line the streets as Patton’s body was returned to the funeral home. Wolseley High School students and teachers were among those who waited. Patton worked at the school, according to a teacher, and many pupils knew him. For the final part of the constable’s homecoming, students from the local elementary school gathered near the burial home. Around 1 p.m. CST, the procession came to a conclusion.

Gosselin works for the Indian Head RCMP detachment and has known Patton since he arrived. He was young but mature for his age, and he treated everyone with respect, according to her. She claimed she used to warn Patton to be cautious whenever he went out. Gosselin attended the procession to remember her late coworker. Abe Aoun came out to pay tribute to his late friend.

Aoun currently resides in Wolseley and previously resided in Indian Head. According to him, the two initially met in 2015 when he contacted Patton to reprimand his kid. His son recently graduated from high school. Aoun left early Tuesday morning for Regina to print images of Patton to distribute across town. He stated that he wants people to remember Patton as the friendly, helpful man he was.

Patton was allegedly pursuing a stolen truck when he pulled over in Wolseley. According to authorities, he was approaching on foot when he was hit by the truck. A bystander attempted but failed to resuscitate him. According to police, the two accused left the scene and were apprehended in a farmer’s field in the town of Francis shortly before 10 a.m. CST Saturday.

Patton has been an RCMP policeman for over six years. He has been a member of the Indian Head detachment since 2015. Prior to it, he was assigned to Parliament in February and March of 2015. Lynn Taylor, her daughter Cheryl St. Louis, and Taylor’s grandchildren dressed in red for the procession to honor both Patton and Taylor’s family members who are officers. The family hails from Grenfell, a neighboring town.

Officers in small towns, according to Taylor, are a part of the community. Patton received paper roses and a note from her family.