The tracing story of global subscription scam network all the way back to Montreal.

global subscription scam network
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According to a Radio-Canada investigation, a Montreal-based marketing firm is at the heart of a scheme involving a massive network of streaming websites that has defrauded thousands of internet users out of small amounts totaling hundreds of millions of dollars by promising free unlimited access to premium content that they do not provide.

Hyuna International, a Barbados-based firm, manages the websites, which provide users with access to movies, books, and music. According to the study of the disinformation-busting program Décrypteurs, users were enticed to those sites by false promises and misleading advertising set up by subcontractors earning commissions from AdCenter, a digital marketing company based in sleek and modern premises in downtown Montreal.

Both AdCenter and Hyuna International are related to a Canadian businessman named Philip Keezer, according to the study. According to whistleblowers and experts referenced in the study, this network hides behind a complex web of hundreds of seemingly identical websites and offshore shell corporations.

AdCenter is a corporation that engages in affiliate marketing, which is a legal and common business. Affiliates promote goods and services and receive a commission every time a client they suggest makes a purchase in this sort of marketing. Affiliates are subcontractors rather than employees.

AdCenter, unlike other affiliate marketing firms, only has one client: Hyuna International. Its affiliates are only compensated when they persuade someone to join up for one of Hyuna’s sites using their credit card information.