The U.S. intends to withdraw thousands of Afghan interpreters and support personnel.

Afghan interpreters
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US President Joe Biden said on Thursday that Afghans who assisted the US troops “would not be left behind,” as his administration ramped up preparations to remove thousands of Afghan interpreters while their visa applications are processed.

According to a senior administration official, plans to relocate Afghans and their families who aided Americans during the almost two-decade-long war to other nations or U.S. territories have advanced in recent days. The official requested anonymity in order to disclose unannounced plans. According to a second individual involved with the discussions but not permitted to discuss them publicly, the government wants to carry out the evacuation later this summer, most likely in August.

Both officials stated that the administration has not decided on a nation or countries for the proposed temporary deployment. Evacuating Afghans to a US territory is considered tricky since it could result in visa applicants having more legal rights as they are scrutinized. When asked if he knew where Afghans would be sent while awaiting U.S. visas, Biden responded he didn’t.

“They’re going to come,” Biden stated after a press conference to showcase a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure legislation. “We’ve already started the procedure. Those who assisted us will not be forgotten.”