The victim of a machete and axe attack in Brampton claims, “In matter of seconds they changed my life”

Joti Singh Mann, a well-known podcast host and real estate agent from Brampton, Ontario, who was viciously attacked last month by three men brandishing a machete and an axe in the driveway of his home at Mayfield Road and Hurontario Street, is speaking out.

Mann stated that he was on his way to work — to host his radio show — when he was attacked from behind by three unknown men.

Video of the assault appears to show Mann getting into his white Jeep as three men come up to it. One of the suspects uses an axe to crack the window, as shown on the video.

Mann is then seen trying to fight off the attackers, but he is dragged from the vehicle by his foot.

Mann said he doesn’t know who the suspects were, but said at first, he thought they were trying to steal his vehicle.

Mann claimed that despite his attempts to provide the men his keys, the attack went on. He claimed to have been Tasered, pepper sprayed in the eyes, and hit with an axe and a machete.

When Mann’s mother, Jasmail Kaur Mann, noticed the men on her driveway and went outside to save her son, the incident came to an end.

For her actions on Thursday, Mayor Patrick Brown of Brampton presented her with a bravery award.

Jasmail claimed that as soon as she realised what was going on, she hurried outside and told the suspects that she had already called the police, even though she hadn’t. According to her, the attackers got scared away by this.

Mann claimed to have 180 stitches across his body, many of which are in his “badly cut” hand. In the attack, he claimed to have also lost his big toe.

Doctors told Mann it would take two to three months for him to recover, but he might not recover “100%.”

He went on to say, “In a few seconds they changed my life.”

Mann, on the other hand, expressed gratitude for his mother’s bravery.

“My mom came to me and saved my life when she came out and saw three people attacking on me,” he said. “Otherwise I don’t think I (would be) here.”

The incident is now under investigation, according to a press conference conducted by Peel Regional Police on August 11. Since then, there hasn’t been a public update from the force.

After receiving a death threat just days prior to the “targeted” event, Mann, according to police at the time, had a “safety plan” put in place.

According to Supt. Sean Gormley, “We were aware that the victim had received a death threat a few days prior.”

“That was an ongoing investigation, and it is now a part of this investigation.” And we’re trying to figure out if that has anything to do with the incident.”

I’m unable to remark on the safety plan in detail, he said. Unfortunately, as you can see from the video, these individuals were really driven to try and cause this gentleman terrible harm.

According to Gormley, the inquiry is being treated as an attempted murder, and police are trying to identify a specific motive.