The violence in Gaza has altered Canada’s political environment.

Gaza Violence
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Paul Martin’s Liberals chose to abandon Jean Chretien’s position in favor of a stronger pro-Israel stance in 2004. The shift was made public when Canada joined the United States in voting against a UN resolution affirming Palestinians’ ability to “organize support for their cause.”

Despite the fact that Stephen Harper and his Conservatives would continue to assert that they were better allies of Israel, it was evident from 2004 on that the distinctions between the parties were really a matter of degree.

When Tom Mulcair, a self-described “ardent admirer of Israel in all occasions and circumstances,” acquired the leadership of the NDP in 2012, differences shrank even further. With Jagmeet Singh’s election as NDP leader in October 2017, that leadership consensus began to disintegrate.

The recent Gaza war has thrown everything into disarray once more. Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith stated, “I don’t think Canadian politics on this specific topic is the same as it was a month ago.” “And I’m not sure it’ll ever be the same.”

Paul Manly is a Green Party member who previously represented Nanaimo-Ladysmith as a New Democrat.

He told , “I was one of 14 candidates who were rejected by the NDP for saying anything on Israel and Palestine.”

Manly’s father, Jim, a former NDP MP and United Church clergyman, was apprehended by Israeli commandos in 2012 while attempting to break Israel’s naval blockade and transport supplies to Gaza. However, in the aftermath of recent events, Manly’s new party has had some squabbles.

Annamie Paul’s appeal for a ceasefire and condemnation of both Palestinian rocket launches and excessive Israeli military force looked to be an attempt to present a moderate posture similar to that of the Trudeau government. However, Manly’s new party has had some squabbles in the aftermath of recent occurrences.

Annamie Paul’s call for a ceasefire and criticism of Palestinian rocket attacks as well as excessive Israeli military force appeared to be an attempt to display a moderate stance comparable to that of the Trudeau government.