Three dead, one missing as heavy floods hit Auckland, New Zealand ; Emergency continues

Authorities in Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city began to resituate on Saturday after torrential rains caused flash flooding and evacuations, leaving one person missing and at least three people dead.

A state of emergency was declared in the city of 1.6 million people on New Zealand’s north island as rains eased following Friday’s flooding in the north, northwest, and west.

In his meeting with emergency personnel, Chris Hipkins, the prime minister of New Zealand, said at a news conference, “The loss of life emphasizes just the sheer scale of this weather event and how quickly it became tragic,” as reported by CNN.

“My thoughts are with everyone in Auckland as they wake up this morning to survey the damage and as they face an uncertain day ahead. Look out for each other. We will get as much support as we can. This is an unprecedented event. Be kind, be patient. You’ll get through this” Hipkins posted on Twitter.

He further shared that “My travel to Auckland this morning has been delayed due to weather conditions. I’m continuing to monitor the situation from Wellington”.

“Govt will provide as much help and support as we can. I’ve advised movement around Auckland remains difficult. Stay put if you safe” Hipkins wrote on Twitter

The city has postponed a number of events, including Elton John concerts. The performer expressed his “complete heartbreak” over the cancellation of Friday’s event.

The weather reports we had received beforehand weren’t entirely conclusive, so I was at the venue and determined to play, he wrote, according to CNN.

Frontier Touring, the concert promoter, announced the cancellation of Saturday’s performance on Twitter.