Three regions of Canada face restrictions due to the rise in cases.

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In Canada, three provinces just entered the second pandemic wave that are hardest hit by Covid-19. The three areas post good Friday are trying to adjust to the various public health measures implemented to control the rise in cases.
Firstly, the regions of Quebec are under 10-day lockdown which was a result of the highest reported cases of Covid since January.
On the other hand Ontario being the most populated city of Canada recently entered the 4-week lockdown phase due to the rising cases of corona. According to a source, the lockdown has been implemented on the basis of the last report submitted on Thursday. It is an emergency break which forced the closure of non-essential and essential activities in the region.
The reports also do mention that it is difficult to curb the spread of this disease without entering another phase of lockdown. It also mentions that if public health measures are not implemented well, then by the end of April the Covid 19 cases may rise up to 6000 daily.
Among the three provinces, British Columbia is also one which has gone under 3-week lockdown which they are referring as ‘Circuit Breaker’, to break the chain of Covid19 transmission.