Three sinkholes wreck N.S. home making family loose everything.

Three sinkholes opened up under a Nova Scotia home on Sunday. Thankfully the family is safe but the whole house is compromised.

The main sinkhole is located at the front of the two-storey home in Falmouth, N.S. Two more were found during an investigation.

Officials are investigating to determine the cause, and whether the sinkholes will expand. The municipality says they think the sinkhole is isolated to one property, and experts will be brought in to assess the damage.

The owner says that the family awoke to noises in the lower level around 4 a.m. local time. She said she heard a loud bang and thought someone had broken in.

Officials say the house has been condemned and will likely be demolished in the next few days.

The homeowners will not able to gain access to remove their personal items before the demolition.