Thunderstorm Asthma’ took 6 lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Thunderstorm asthma, a triggering of an asthma attack by environmental conditions directly caused by a local thunderstorm has taken 6 lives in Australia leaving 3 more in critical condition.
Thunderstorm asthma occurs in the spring when rye grass pollen gets wet, breaks into smaller pieces and enters people’s lungs, causing them breathing problems.
Many pollen allergy asthma attacks in the state of Victoria were triggered by Heavy rains and winds on Monday.
More than 8,000 people were treated in hospital.
Melbourne’s current spring season has been particularly wet, creating havoc for asthma and hay fever sufferers.
The phenomenon was first recognised and studied after three recorded events in the 1980s. First in England in 1983 and in Melbourne, Australia in 1987 and 1989.