Tim Hortons franchise owners tell workers to blame Wynne for benefit cuts.

A staff memo written by a couple of Tim Hortons franchise owners in Whitby, Ont., blames cuts to employee benefits on the Ontario government and its minimum wage hike.

The notice also suggests employees contact Premier Kathleen Wynne if they have concerns about the changes —and let her know she doesn’t have their support.

“I encourage you to let her know how your workplace will change as a result of her new [minimum wage] law and that you will not vote Liberal in the coming Ontario election in June 2018,” says the notice, which lists Susan and Jason Holman as the authors.

In the notice, the Holmans say workplace changes were necessary “to stay in business,” but the employee claims it’s unfair for them to blame the Ontario government for the cuts.

“The only person to blame for these changes is the one who made them … and the one who doesn’t think we are deserving of this pay wage,” said the worker, who claims before the rollbacks, the Tim Hortons location was a good place to work.

The individual also said the owners have informed employees the changes may only be temporary, depending on how the situation plays out.

“I just hope things will get back to the way they were. With the loss of benefits, this pay raise doesn’t really put me (and everyone else) any better off.”

Today, labour activists are holding rallies at more than 40 50 protest rallies planned across CanadaTim Hortons across the country to send a message to RBI that it needs to take action to guarantee that its employees are treated fairly.