Tim Hortons raises prices on some breakfast items

Several Tim Hortons locations in select markets have “slightly” increased prices for some breakfast menu items, the coffee shop giant has confirmed.But no details provided on exact locations or menu items, or by how much items are going up.

The move follows news last week that  because franchise owners couldn’t raise prices  some cut employee benefits to offset the cost of Ontario’s minimum wage hike to $14 an hour from $11.60. However, Tim Hortons said the new price hikes aren’t connected to the minimum wage increase.

The chain previously raised prices on some hot beverage and breakfast menu items in August, less than six months ago.

An employee at a location in the GTA said that he noticed a price increase this week of about 20 cents on some breakfast sandwiches.

He added, “Usually when prices go up, it’s not very municipal, it’s a large area.”The employee asked to remain anonymous because he fears repercussions from his employer.

On Wednesday, customer Art Jaszczyk said he visited a Tim Hortons in Markham, Ont., and noticed that his favourite menu item —a bagel sandwich breakfast meal — had gone up from $6.77 to $7 — an increase of 23 cents.

He says he’s happy to pay a bit more, as long as the money helps pay workers the minimum wage increase without clawing back their benefits.

Despite the close timing, Tim Hortons says the latest price hikes have nothing to do with the dispute with franchise owners.