To increase economic growth, Canada to invite 500000 immigrants by 2025.

Canada will welcome 500,000 immigrants every year by 2025 as a result of severe labor shortages that are creating uncertainties for both businesses and workers in the country.

Honorable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship launched the 2023–2025 Immigration Levels Plan for Canada.

The strategy facilitates immigration as a measure to assist businesses in finding workers and to attract the skills required in key areas such as health care, skilled trades, manufacturing, and technology to manage the social and economic difficulties Canada will have in the coming decades.

This time the federal government of Canada will employ new recruitment methods to invite/or select immigrants To tackle the talent shortage in Canada, expand parent and grandparent sponsorship, and issue temporary visas for spouses in addition to process their applications for permanent residency.

Sean Fraser shared, “Our immigration system is still being streamlined and digitized in order to speed up processing and provide users with the service they expect and deserve.

This strategy will enhance Canada’s position as one of the top talent destinations in the world, laying the groundwork for long-term economic expansion while simultaneously reconnecting families with their loved ones and upholding Canada’s humanitarian obligations.