Today, Ottawa holds a national meeting on Islamophobia, only weeks after a horrific assault in London.

Kirti Pathak
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deadly attack in London

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Today, the federal government will convene a national meeting on Islamophobia, one day after a similar summit on antisemitism. Following the assault in London, Ont., that killed four members of a Muslim family while out for an evening stroll, MPs voted overwhelmingly in favor of a motion asking for a national conference on Islamophobia in June.

During a news conference on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was questioned about recent incidents of Islamophobia in Canada, including one in Hamilton, Ont. Trudeau addressed today's conference, but said it is up to all Canadians to combat "intolerance."

"It is not only the responsibility of Muslim Canadians to combat Islamophobia, but it is the responsibility of all of us to combat Islamophobia, hate, and intolerance in all of its manifestations," he added. Mustafa Farooq, CEO of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), said he wants all levels of government to follow up on today's conference with a clear plan of action.

"The fact is that we cannot just keep adding to the litany of horrible things that have happened," he added, referring to the recent increase in hate crimes. Farooq and the NCCM issued 60 policy proposals earlier this week to tackle hate and racism across the country.

Amendments to the Criminal Code to better deal with hate crimes, a review of school programming, and a national fund for victims of Islamophobia are among the proposals.

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