Top four provinces of Canada have reported highest cases ever since the Pandemic happened.

Canada Rise in Cases
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In Canada, four provinces of Covid-19 cases have totaled up in four digits as of Wednesday. In British Columbia, a record number of Coronavirus patients have been reported in hospitals, where the presence of the variant is also confirmed in the territory.

B.C. reports a rise in cases which is likely to affect the hospitals as per the scientists.

Among the four provinces, B.C. is the one with the fourth-highest reported cases among the total reported cases daily with 1,168 new cases. Not only this, but 6 deaths have also occurred where the highest numbers of cases are now hospitalized ever since the pandemic has started.

On the other hand, 1,412 new cases have been reported in the areas surrounding Alberta with eight deaths. Prior to the outbreak, Grade 7 to 12 students at Calgary Public and Catholic schools have moved to online learning.

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Adriana LaGrange, Education Minister mentioned that the change because of the pandemic is likely to last for two weeks. The decision has come up only on the demand of the school boards.

Talking about the most populous province, Ontario has reported 4,156 new cases of Covid-19 and also 28 deaths. 1,877 hospitalizations have taken place with 642 cases in the Intensive care unit.

In the province of Quebec, 1,559 cases have been reported of Covid-19 with 7 deaths where 660 hospitalizations have been done with 152 in the intensive care unit.