Toronto Police Chief to receive the gift of life from his wife

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders is going receive kidney transplant from wife, gift of life indeed.Since being diagnosed with kidney disease, Mark Saunders has revealed  that he will receive a transplant from his wife Stacey next week.

He said,“I’m one of the fortunate ones.Sometime in the late 90s, Saunders discovered he had been living with one kidney his whole life. He added that the singular kidney was never a result of a “lifestyle issue, but merely something he was born with.

Saunders  said, “Later on, it turned out that the other kidney had kidney disease.It wasn’t discovered through anything symptomatic, it was me going in and getting blood work done (and) the earmarking’s of the disease were discovered.”

Eventually, dialysis was needed.

Once dialysis was in full swing, Saunders said he was added to an organ donor list. Initially, he turned to his brothers and sisters to see if they’d be a match.But Stacey had other plans.

The  success rate for transplants from live donors is 90 to 95 per cent in Canada, that keeps the family hopeful.